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Troy's Story

Troy R. Legette hails from Trenton, NJ, a city that shaped his early years. Now a resident of Florida, he carries a deep gratitude for the advantages his parents bestowed upon him. Troy’s journey was buoyed by a strong network of family and friends, their unwavering support fueling his ambition and drive.

Each poem he wrote held a reason for being. His first poems emerged after reading about a poetry contest in the newspaper during a difficult time. He entered the contest and continued writing from then on. This eventually led to the 2015 publication of his poetry book, “Social Climax,” through Xlibris.

About the poetic wordplay of...

The inspiration for “The Objective Scholar: Poetic Wordplay” stemmed from a journey of self-improvement as a writer.

Troy’s exploration of online poetry courses ignited a fascination with the techniques and elements that define great poetry. This led to the creation of a poetry book that delves into the unique experiences of an Afro-American male within Black America.

His hope is that these poems will spark positive change, reflection, and a sense of freedom and peace within his readers. His writing style is a courageous blend of various poetic forms, fueled by his very own personal experiences and observations.